Situational Awareness

TTM offers solutions designed specifically for you and your needs:

  • Mass Notification
  • Alerting Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Nurse Call Systems


In Healthcare, TTM offers a comprehensive portfolio of communications and IT solutions. Our complete mixes of solutions are designed to improve clinical communications, workflow, aid in cost savings and to enable better patient/resident care, safety and satisfaction. TTM provides patient/resident alerting by utilizing wired and wireless networks to allow your staff more flexibility. We bring to the table experience and expertise in the design and implementation of these systems.


In the Educational Field, TTM offers a suite of services and solutions to address the unique needs of the educational system. Rely on our understanding of the market to help maximize your IT investment, transform your educational environment and improve overall student/staff communication. With Mass Notification being such a big concern now in our society, we can help design a system that is specific to your concerns and your campus. Other businesses such as the hospitality industry, industrial facilities can all benefit for the offerings we have. CALL US and let us help you design a system exclusively for you and your business!

"Because RIGHT NOW Matters Most"

Whether it's for life safety, security, environmental monitoring or mass notification, we offer solutions for all industries; schools, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and more. These solutions can monitor, alert and report, designed for specifically for your business.

Other Solutions/Services TTM Offers

AeroScout – The market leader in WIFI Locating, WIFI RTLS and WIFI based RTLS. This solution offers complete wireless asset tracking and monitoring. As well as Real Time locating for Patient/Resident Monitoring.

RoamAlert – A well know wander monitoring system to protect your residents and staff.