TTM Anti-Malware Protection

Keep your computers clean and safe. TTM Anti-Malware protects your computers against threats such as viruses, Trojans, rootkits and spyware: 24/7 – no matter if on- or off-line.

Always Up-to-Date

We will install and you will forget! No Maintenance required on your part. Multiple times a day TTM Anti-Malware updates itself by downloading the newest definitions to keep you computers immune

Real Time Protection

Protection round the clock – With real-time protection every file that is accessed is scanned instantly for potential threats. Your devices are protected the second TTM Anti-Malware is activated on them.

Certified Protection: VB100

Our Anti-Malware solution has been awarded the VB100 certification for reliability by the magazine "Virus Bulletin". This award certifies a detection rate of 100% of malicious software listed as "in the Wild" by the "WildList Organization" in addition, anti-malware software awarded this certification must not generate ANY false positives.

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Disclaimers: While TTM has selected our Anti-Malware offering by testing 100's of different products no Virus/Malware protection is capable of protecting your PC 100%, as there is always a delay from when a new threat arises until it can be stopped. We choose our offering using a service that re-acts quickly and proactively in mitigating new threats.

Users should always approach protection by using different factors such as:

  • Reliable and secure email services
  • Email pre-scanning
  • PC backups (Onsite and Offsite)
  • Developing IT security policies and procedures
  • Monitoring of your PC's and network for issues

All of the above are services that we can assist with.

Installation only requires TeamViewer to be installed on the machine. Once Teamviewer 11 is installed we activate the Malware Protection from inside TeamViewer now. If a customer subscribes we can customize the Teamviewer install logos with the customer Logo if you want. We can offer a 7 day satisfaction guarantee.