Video Surveillance for Your Business

May 9th, 2017 by admin

Video surveillance camera

It is simply better for you, as a business owner, to put certain security measures in place for your business. This includes keeping track of who has keys to unlock the office entrance door, securing large cash amounts & sensitive documents in a safe, and installing video surveillance. These are common sense procedures for small businesses, and matter of fact for larger enterprises. Your assets, resources, and staff need to have basic security measures in place to protect them. This might even be a requirement by your insurance company. But when it comes to video surveillance, how do you know which systems to choose, without buying too much equipment? Will a new system work with your current infrastructure, or require expensive investments in upgrades?

Total Technology Management can help you design and install the right surveillance system. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of structured cabling, voice, & data applications, we can assess your full IT infrastructure and facility, factoring in your current resources and capabilities for a new surveillance system. We can advise you on IP cameras, accessible over authorized wireless devices, anywhere you go, or a more straight-forward analog system. Whichever you choose, you can rely on Total Technology Management to give you expert recommendations and assistance. We won't sell you a system you don't need - our focus is on helping you get the best for your business and needs.

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