Untangling your Cabling System

April 11th, 2017 by admin


Have you ever seen the inside of a large business during a move? Bits of furniture here and there, random papers strewn across the floor, and equipment hastily pushed around. most noticeable though, are the many snaking cables going across the floors, walls, and ceilings. Most of the time it all looks like a tangled nest in lots of colors. It takes tried and true professionals to manage the many different types of cables needed for an office. TTM has the certified technicians and project management skills to design and install your wiring and connectivity solutions. We've worked with complex multi-story installations, as well as burial and aerial systems using a range of different cabling products. With advancements in IT moving faster than ever, we strive to keep our technicians up to date and trained to work with the latest fiber optics, coaxial, as well as CAT cables.

Need to move or set up your server room? Are you looking to upgrade your routers and improve wireless connections across the facility? We can help you sort out the different infrastructure requirements to build the best foundation for your voice and data solutions. As our business doesn't just work with cabling, we also have the expertise required to assess your network requirements, phone system, video surveillance, and much more. Consider us your comprehensive partner for structured cabling and IT infrastructure needs.

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