The Importance of Protecting Yourself from Ransomware

September 23rd, 2018 by admin

Protecting Yourself from Ransomware

One of the largest growing threats on the web is Ransomware. For those that don't know what that is, its when someone uses malicious malware to not only break into your system but to also either erase your data or lock you out of your system. Only returning the data or access to the device once a ransom for it has been paid. While there are other options to get the data or access back, those methods take long periods of time and are often expensive. Paying for decrypting or legal fees will hurt your business just as much as the loss of productivity will while you wait for them to go through which is why prevention before it happens, is the best way to stay safe. That's why today Total Technology Management is going to walk you through a few simple ways to avoid any potential ransomware threat from hurting you and your business.

Many of the steps are simple steps to take in everyday things such as looking through emails and wandering around the web. Such as refraining from opening attachments before scanning them, even if it is from a familiar sender. Phishing emails will often pretend to be a familiar sender like delivery services, banks, or even sink as low as posing as law enforcement agencies. On Top of that, you should also be cautious to just open any link you are sent on any social media platform, even if it's from a close friend or family member. It's common for cybercriminals to break into others accounts and use them to spread their malware to unsuspecting victims. Simple caution can save you a world of trouble.

We hope these few steps can help protect you from the rapid spread of ransomware. There are other steps that can be taken to help prevent ransomware before it happens, and if you would like to learn them than you can simply read more here. If you have any questions on how to further protect you or your business from the threat for ransomware then feel free to ask us a question.

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