Situation Awareness Designed for Your Needs

March 16th, 2018 by admin

Light bar located on the top of a police car

When you think of what Total Technology Management (TTM) can do for your security, your first thought is probably about cyber security…and you wouldn't be wrong! We are experts at protecting you from cyber threats. However, what about the physical threats that we can be faced with everyday? If you work in a setting like Healthcare or Education you know now more than ever that having a strong system in place for mass communication in the event of an emergency is a must. That is where TTM can come in and assist with a variety of Situational Awareness solutions.

Total Technology Management can work with you to provide you with a variety of options that will fit your specific needs including mass notification, alerting systems, environmental monitoring and even nurse call systems. Certainly these solutions are important in the event of anything like an active shooter situation or other physical threat allowing you to quickly contact faculty, staff and more to keep them safe. However, those are not the only instances in which our Situation Awareness options are useful.

Say, for instance, you work in a senior care facility and you have the need to monitor your patients/ residents. With environmental monitoring systems like RoamAlert you can keep your residents safe by knowing where or if they are wandering beyond areas that are designated as safe for them to occupy. These systems can give them some degree of independence and freedom of movement while keeping them safe in case of an emergency. Talk to TTM today about how we can help keep you safe, and learn more about our Situational Awareness Options here.

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