Easy Business Wireless Management

March 8th, 2017 by admin

Cloud diagram leading to multiple devices

As technologies have continued to evolve, offering new features right and left, there is always the worry about how to manage new systems. If you're a business owner or managing IT resources, you can't be expected to learn the newest administrator processes every few weeks. That is why we are happy to work with Aruba and Ruckus Wireless to provide our customers with top of the line wireless without the hassles that other internet providers bring. We actively work with our customers to find the right solution to fulfill their business requirements for both now and in the future.

Today, we want to highlight one particular element of the applications that come with Ruckus Wireless products. In addition to advanced analytics and reporting function that can help you optimize and understand your wireless usage, you can easily access many features using their mobile application. Managing guest access can be as quick as scanning in a business card, allowing MAC caching for repeat visitors, quick passphrase changes, and much more. You'll save time and energy checking the system with the automatic notifications of AP up/down events and customer notifications. Want to have a fuller picture of what's going on in your network? Enjoy better control of bandwidth limits, easily unblocking guest WiFi's after they reach their limit, and easy visibility of physical AP locations.

What we want to say here is, we can help you fully manage your wireless system across the entire facility with an intuitive, feature-rich application. You get just the information that you need through the user interface to help you quickly get through your maintenance and management tasks. Total Technology Management is here to advise you on the best products to achieve the results that you require, with the best partners in the industry.

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