5 Ways We Help Combat Cyber Threats

December 12th, 2017 by admin


It only takes one undetected cyber threat to attack vital IT systems, corrupt data, slow down your network, collect financial information, or hold your computer hostage. We’ve summarized some ways that Total Technology Management can help strengthen your business against a variety of threats.

  1. Our team will conduct a full assessment of your network security measures, looking for ways they can be improved. Using this information, we will help create IT security policies and procedures for better long-term protection.
  2. We will provide a carefully selected Anti-Malware solution which has been awarded the VB100 certification for reliability and a superior detection rate. Every file is scanned for potential threats and suspicious items are handled automatically.
  3. Training is very important, so that your staff is knowledgeable on how to handle sensitive data and approach suspicious items. We will provide seminars and webinars to teach your team everything they need to know.
  4. You can combat ransomware and data corruption with our backup and disaster recovery solutions. These are supported by 24/7 remote monitoring and our network operations center.
  5. Many threats are still making it past a network’s protections through email attachments. We can help you find a reliable and secure email service which scans email contents before you open them.

The sad truth is that no anti-virus or anti-malware solution is 100% perfect at eliminating every threat. By working with our team of experts, however, you can improve your network protections and reduce the risks to your valuable data and IT systems. Contact us for more information

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