Time Change Instructions for Panasonic DBS System

Panasonic Digital Telephone System

From the designated attendant console (usually x100, but not always), enter the following code sequence:

To set the date and time:

  1. Press the ON/OFF key
    • The phone issues intercom dial tone.
    • The current date and time are displayed on your LCD.
  2. Press the PROG key.
    "F" appears on the display
  3. Dial "##."
    "Program Mode:" appears on the first line of the display; "MAIN MODE" appears on the second line.
  4. Press the FF1 key.
    "SELECT SUB MODE" appears on the second line of the display.
  5. Dial "1#."
    "1:DATE 2:TIME" appears.
  6. Dial "1#."
    "MONTH/DAY/YEAR" appears.
  7. Enter six digits for the month, day, and year.
    For example, to set the date to March 3, 1993, enter "030393."
  8. Press #.
    "TIME SET MODE appears on the display.
  9. Enter four digits for hours and minutes (24-hr. time).
    For example, for 11:00 a.m., enter "1100."
  10. Press #.
  11. Press the ON/OFF key.

The new date and time appear on the display