Change Main Voicemail greeting on Active Voice Product

Voice Mail Instructions

To setup Main Greetings.

  • Log into system manager mailbox:
  • Call Voice mail
  • Enter * 2 # (You may have to do this twice to get to the main greeting.)
  • Dial 632 on keypad
    If prompted for a security code

To Record Main greeting (First Greeting Callers will hear)

  • Select System Manager Option
  • Select Change Greetings
  • Follow voice prompts to record the Standard day and night greetings, if needed you may switch the system into or out of holiday mode and record a holiday message for callers.
  • While In the greetings field the system will first tell you what mode the system is currently in and then prompt you if you would like to change to the alternate mode.
  • Standard mode is the normal mode for day and night.
  • Holiday mode can be used for any period of time that you do not want the normal day and night messages to play. i.e. Snow Days or any other day that you would be closed holiday in the middle of the week