Time Change Instructions for Electra Elite 48 / 192 Electra Professional I / II

The Clock/Calendar can only be set from a Display Multiline Terminal that is connected to Station Port 01 or 02.

  1. Press <FEATURE or FNC>
  2. Press 9
  3. Press #
  4. Press current time (example 0, 2, 1, 4)
  5. Press <RECALL> to toggle AM/PM
  6. When ONLY setting the time, press < FEATURE or FNC > to end the procedure
  7. Press <HOLD> to advance to the calendar
  8. Press <RECALL> to select the day of the week
  9. Press # to move the cursor to the day of the month setting
  10. Use the dial pad to enter the day
  11. Press <RECALL> to select the month
  12. Press # to move the cursor to the year setting
  13. Press the last two digits of the year
  14. Press <FEATURE or FNC>

Once you are done press the Exit soft key or lift and replace the handset of the telephone. The time will update genbreally with in a minute.