Time Change Instructions for Mitel SX-2000 and SX-2000 MicroLight

Setting the System Time:
To set the time from the main Console...

  1. Press FUNCTION
  2. Press [ATT FUNCTION]
  3. Press [SET TIME]

The display will ask you to enter the time. The time (which can be in either the 12 or 24 hour format, depending on system programming), is entered as HH:MM, where HH is hours and MM is minutes. When two digits have been entered for the hours, the ’:’ will automatically be displayed.

After you enter four valid digits, the display will give you the option to SET or choose for the hour you entered to be PM.
You may:

  1. Press [PM] if you wish to register the time as after 12:00 PM, in 12 hour format.
  2. Press [SET] to enter time as shown.
  3. Press [EXIT] when done.

Note: [PM] will appear only is the 12 hour clock is programmed in the system, and the hour entered is 01-12. [SET] will appear only if the same time has been entered correctly. The < Key can be used to back up and correct an incorrect digit.