Time Change Instructions for IWATSU ECS

Iwatsu Enterprise-CS

The ECS system has the ability to automatically provide Daylight Savings Time changes. However, in software releases prior to version 2.10 (January 2007), the changes follow the old Daylight Savings Time standard.

To adjust the clock settings on ECS systems running software releases prior to 2.10, perform the following steps from an attendant station:

  1. Press the Speaker button SPKR
  2. Wait for the dial tone
  3. Press the Feature button FEAT then dial 6 + 4
  4. Dial the time in military time H H : M M
  5. Wait for a confirmation tone
  6. Press the Speaker button SPKR

Iwatsu Voice Networks provided an update to the ECS system with the release of version 2.10 to accommodate the New Daylight Savings Time dates. All software versions 2.10 and higher provide for the new time change. Contact Total Technology Management with questions about which software version was installed in your system.