How to turn on ringing line Preference on NEC Level2, Elite 48, 192, IPK

From phone you would like to activate the feature:

  • From phone you would like to activate the feature press Feature then enter 4 Note the port number that shows on the display in the format xx = Tel yyy xx would be the port number

On that phone enter the following with the handset laying in the cradle and the phone not in use.

  • Feature Hold # 0 * (the screen should show "Programming Mode")
  • Press Line button 4 (see drawing below)
  • Enter 11 on keypad
  • Note the screen should look similar to
    • 01/01:RNG PRF YS
  • Now continue to keep pressing the conference key until the first 01 shown on the screen equals the port number you got at the beginning of these steps.
  • Press Line Key 2 to turn the feature on
  • Press Transfer to save your changes
  • Press Speaker to exit programming mode