How to replace a PS Phone on NEC SV8300

Directions to replace a Wireless Phone

First turn off the old wireless phone...
From your desk phone do the following:

  • Enter 2286633#
  • Press Hold
    +++ this will put you in CAT mode +++
  • Press ST
    +++ Display will show Command= +++++
  • Dial 1 on the keypad
  • Press D +++See note below++++
  • Dial 21 on keypad
  • Press DE
  • Enter extension you would like to replace on the keypad
  • Press DE
  • Using the keypad enter your new serial number (should be in the form of 0003xxxxx) The old should have showed on the screen before you begin entering the new serial number if you have the old phone verify the old serial number matches. (The Serial number is located under the batter in the telephone).
  • Press EXE
  • Press ST
  • Dial 1 on the keypad
  • Press D
  • Dial 20 on keypad
  • Press DE
  • Dial * and the extension you will be replacing on keypad
  • Press DE
  • Dial 1 on the keypad

At this point take the new phone and turn it on by pressing the power button and the transfer button at the same time. Awaiting download should come up on the screen. When the phone begins to beep Press EXE on your desk phone.

At this point the wireless phone display should show Now Downloading, then show complete and the phone will reset and you are done.

Lift the handset on your desk phone and replace it to the cradle to exit programming mode.

*****Guide to finding the Special Characters needed to program a telephone

Phone Replacement Graphic