How to Remove Restrictions from a phone on NEC Level 2, elite 48, 192, IPK

This applies to
NEC Electra Level 2, 120, Elite 48, Elite 192, IPK

  • Identify the extension that you would like to remove the restrictions from.
  • Enter Programming Mode
  • Press FNC or (Feature)
  • Press Hold
  • Dial # 0 * on the keypad
  • Press Line Key 4 on the telephone (see drawing attached)
  • Dial 10 on keypad

The Display will show something close to this 01 / 10 Sta = 100

Keep Pressing CNF (Conference) until the number after STA changes to the extension number you are hunting for.

Using the * key to scroll to the left and # to scroll to the left change 10 to 07 and the display will change to CLS DAY = write down this number, then change the number after CLS Day to 00 then press TRF, once you press TRF the display will show CLS NT = write down the number after = then change that number to 00 and press TRF. Press Speaker to exit programming.

At this point the extension should be allowed to make long distance phone calls. To put the restrictions back on follow the steps above but instead of putting 00 after CLS DAY and CLS NT put the number that you wrote down the first time through.