How to have multiple greeting in Active Voice voicemail

How to setup multiple opening greetings on a DOS/OS2/Linux NEC Voicemail
i.e. customer wants a Day, Lunch, and After hours message

You can use this example to create any combination of greeting keeping in mind there are only 3 flexible schedules.

  1. Create 2 Transaction Boxes (i.e. 999 and 998)
  2. Assign 999 to Schedule 1 and 998 to schedule 2
  3. In schedule 1 place the normal day hours (i.e. 8am to 1159am on line 1 and 100pm to 5pm on line 2 using mon-Fri for the days of the week)
  4. In schedule 2 put 1200pm to 1259pm for mon thru Fri
  5. In Tbox 999 Record the normal Day greeting, for the night greeting copy in a second of silence. Set the action of the night greeting to GOTO 998
  6. For the OS2 and dos voicemails move cursor to the night greeting time field then press F2 select copy into field overwrite any current greetings then type silence in the filename box, press enter to save this greeting
  7. For Linux based voicemail you need to go to the Prompts under setup, select the global prompts list find the silence recording and copy it to your laptop. Then when you click on the greeting field in your Tbox you just paste in your recording of silence.

In Tbox 998 record you lunch time greeting as the day message and record the night message as their standard night greeting.

In Easy Made setup set Tbox 999 as the opening Line Id

The way this works is a call comes in the opening line ID is 999 If the time the caller called falls between the hours shown in schedule 1 the caller hears the day greeting of Box 999, if they are calling at any time other than what is in schedule 1 the caller will hear 1 second of silence then go to Box 998

In Box 998 if the caller is calling in between the hours shown in schedule 2 they will hear the day greeting which in this example would be the Lunch time message. A caller calling in at any time other than what is in schedule 2 will hear the after-hours message.

You can modify this to play different message on different days keeping in mind you only have 3 real schedules to play with.